Best of Zimbabwe Limited Edition
Best of Zimbabwe Limited Edition

Best of Zimbabwe Limited Edition

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With roots beginning in Black Eagle Shaving, as part of the Zimbabwe Black Eagle Expedition, a Limited Edition Shaving Brush will be available to purchase for everyone who joins the safari (Max 8 Guests). The Limited Edition Brush will be Hand Made by Bradley Rautenbach. The shaving brush* shape, colour and size is still to be determined but will be the same for everyone on the trip. The price for the shaving brush ONLY is fixed to USD250.00 and will be personally handed to you during the trip.

This will only officially come together in September 2022.

During the safari there will be ample time in the evenings to enjoy a truly African shave in the wild African bush. This will give you the opportunity to fully understand and feel the meaning behind the Black Eagle Shaving Theme.

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* The image of the elephant brush is for illustration purposes only.