Buffalo 25mm HT2 White Quartz

Buffalo 25mm HT2 White Quartz

This 25mm Buffalo is hand crafted from White Quartz resin which exhibits a pure white colour with white pearl in it. The brush has "EXCLUSIVE BADGER" and "Handmade in South Africa" engraved on the back of the handle.

An African Buffalo is a creature of immense power boasting two massive horns. These horns were the inspiration for the double ring on this handle creating an extremely ergonomic and comfortable design.

The knot is hand tied from HT2 and is one of the first brushes to be released with this batch of hair.


Approximate Size:

Knot: 25mm

Loft: 46.4mm

Handle Height: 56.8mm

Handle Diameter: 39.25mm

Hand Made by Craftsman Bradley Rautenbach