Black Eagle Expeditions and Black Eagle Shaving, what is the link and what is it all about?

The idea progressed with the thought in mind of showing the shaving community the roots of Black Eagle Shaving. The real influence in the theme for our handle shapes and brush colours lies deep in the African Bush. This is where Black Eagle Expeditions comes in, a means of enjoying the nature and wildlife that the world has to offer, an opportunity for people from different continents to connect and experience Africa in its purist form.

Safaris are led by Bradley Rautenbach who has a profound passion for the African Bush that has developed over the last 25 years. This combined with a love for photography gives Black Eagle Expeditions the opportunity to work with guests and create some special photography opportunities.

Black Eagle Expeditions strives to offer a unique safari experience in some of the wildest yet tranquil places on the planet. A way of disconnecting from the chaotic world we live in and assess what is really important in life.


Black Eagle Expeditions Wild Dog