In an effort to stay true to Southern Africa’s wildlife, Black Eagle Shaving has a few standard colours that will be used to make shaving brush handles on a more regular basis.

Black Eagle Colours

Below is a range of Black Eagle colours that showcase this majestic black bird with a yellow beak.

Black Eagle


Black Eagle

The Black Eagle colour boasts a solid black handle with a yellow ring representing the beak and thus encapsulating the colours of this majestic bird.

Black Eagle Elephant

Faux Ebony

Ebony is a black African hardwood used in many carving applications in Southern Africa. For durability of the Shaving Brushes both resin and ebonite versions will be used.

Black Eagle Rhino Faux Ebony

Black Feathers

Black Feathers is currently only available in 25mm brushes, it exhibits a pearl silver swirl that is reminiscent of the feathers on a Black Eagle.

Black Eagle Buffalo Black Feathers

Black Eagle Swirl Ebonite

This Ebonite showcases a swirl of the two fundamental colours of a Black Eagle.

Black Eagle Lion Ebonite Swirl

Eagles Beak

The deep yellow colour of the Eagles Beak handle resembles that of the bird’s beak.

Black Eagle Rhino Eagle Beak

Faux Elephant Ivory

For many years, elephant Ivory has been a highly desired commodity. However, for the last 30 years, the international ivory trade has been banned. As a result, Faux Ivory Resin has been developed to showcase this product. Exhibiting an off-white colour with a fine grain, this resin is a close representation of genuine elephant tusks. Sadly, elephants are still being poached by the hundreds. In some reported cases, Cyanide has even been found in the drinking water. Hopefully this will provide some insight to many who like this product while offering an attractive alternative.

Black Eagle Elephant Shape


The zebra stripes speak for themselves, offering unique black and white striped handles.

Black Eagle Zebra Colour

Black Mane Lion Ebonite

The Black Maned Lion found predominantly in Botswana really is the king of the jungle and showcases a large black mane.

Black Maned Lion

Wallowing Rhino Ebonite

Rhinos are often found wallowing in mud, leaving them with a caked layer. This helps to keep the animal cool while preventing insect bites and sunburn. The greys, blacks and browns of this Rhino Ebonite exhibits the colours of a Wallowing African Rhino.

Black Eagle Wallowing Rhino Ebonite Colour

Leopard Spots

Leopard Spots offer camouflage to this stealth hunter. These spots will most likely only ever be used on leopard shaped handles. This resin has a unique finish when polished, it takes a nice sheen however it has a somewhat micro rough look and feel to it. It is caused by thousands of micro-blemishes which are completely unavoidable. This trait is specific to this resin only and provides character for a brush that honours this wild animal.

Black Eagle Leopard Colour