Black Eagle offers an “Exclusive Badger” knot consisting of well tested and assembled two band badger hair.

Due to the fact that badger hair is a natural product, variations are inevitable especially from batch to batch. As a result, codes have been allocated to distinguish batches. This serves as an aid to keep track of knots as well as give an indication and guidance prior to purchase. Variation in hair whether from batch to batch or within a batch does not fall under a warranty claim.

It is important to note that all comments here are opinions based on the particular knot tested, this may vary depending on the user’s previous experiences and the nature of natural badger hair.


Knot Classification:

0318A2 (Pre-Tied Knots)

03 – Month Received

18 – Batch Year

A – Internal Supplier Reference

2 – Two Band Knot



HT- Hand Tied

1 - Batch One


Classification Table


Knot Classification


March 2018


This is the first batch of knots ever ordered by Black Eagle Shaving. Pre-Tied Two Band and imported from China, these knots have reasonable density, browner tips and are set at a slightly lower loft. They were only ever offered in 25mm (two different variations in density) and 28mm Bulb knots. This hair offers slight scrub with a small amount of scritch and for the most part, does not exhibit gel like tips.

May 2018


In a quest to find softer tips, a different supplier was used to procure these pre-tied knots. Available in Fan 25mm and 28mm only, these knots had long white tips with decent density. Exhibiting a fair amount of gel with reasonable backbone. From the knots tested, no scritch was detected in this batch.

October 2018


Knots 1018B2 were based on 0518B2 however it was requested that the density be increased. This meant that these knots have gel like tips and are very dense. This batch was produced as Fans and Bulbs in both 25mm and 28mm knots. The face feel of these knots is a soft cushion feel. The Bulb versions offered some scrub due to the density but no scritch at all.

March 2018


October 2018

Prototype Hand Tied

The Prototype knots were the first of testing In-House Hand Tied knots. This means that these knots have various batches of hair that came in with each of the above-mentioned pre-tied knots (from March to October 2018). The variation in these knots are substantial, testing was done on loft, glue bumps, shape, density and hair types. Various testers used these knots and gave feedback based on their experience. With all the feedback in mind, Black Eagle further developed the knots which will finally be offered in HT1 below. Thank you to all who not only tested but took the time to provide detailed opinions. It is based on this feedback that Black Eagle Shaving is able to offer the knots currently being meticulously crafted.

February 2019


HT1 is the first official Hand Tied Hair Batch. This hair exhibits long, white, soft gel like tips. All knots in HT1 are crafted in house, are Fan shaped and are offered in 25mm, 28mm and 32mm. In the knots tested it was noticed that about 30% of each knot developed micro hooked tips. The HT1 knots are generally denser than both the Prototype and 1018B2 knots. Exhibiting excellent backbone, these knots are ideal for the seasoned face latherer yet work well for bowl lathering.

January 2020


This hair exhibits soft tips with relatively stiff backbone. All knots in HT2 are crafted in house, are Fan shaped and are offered in 25mm, 28mm and 32mm. In the knots tested it was noticed that there is definitely a small number of hooked tips in the knots, some more than others, offering a small amount of scrub with no scritch. The HT2 knots are structurally the same as HT1 knots while exhibiting more backbone. This along with the extreme density of the Hand Tied knots, the HT2 knots take about 15 shaves to really break in nicely.