Although Black Eagle Shaving believes that the knot is the most integral part of a shaving brush, with the word “perfection” in mind, no small detail is neglected. Each Shaving Brush Handle must undergo the same rigorous inspection process ensuring they are of the highest standards.


Using a wood lathe and hand-held chisels, the brush handles are turned using techniques developed centuries ago.

Black Eagle Hand Lathe 800 Pix

Starting off as a solid rod, the animal inspired shapes spring to life as they are intricately carved and carefully crafted. This is the most important part of the process in creating a shaving brush handle. It requires finesse and patience from start to finish.

Black Eagle Shaving Lathe Work 800Pix


The first stage of finishing is the sanding, without this painstaking sanding process, it is impossible to acquire the desired result.

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Lasting Finish

Black Eagle ” is permanently etched into the handle with the use of a 4 axis Laser Engraver. This process is done in house allowing for creativity, versatility and accuracy which otherwise is almost impossible to achieve.

Black Eagle Shaving Laser Engraving 800Pix

Final Polish

In order to create a mirror polished finish, the handles endure a three-stage polishing process removing the last of the imperfections.

Black Eagle shaving Final Polish 800Pix