FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I purchase a brush?

The waiting list is no longer open. Brushes are available in releases on the online store (Shop). The exact intervals of these releases are unknown. I am a one-man operation and I make as many brushes as the time permits. In an attempt to make availability fair to everyone, releases may be announced publicly or may be loaded silently, this will vary from release to release.


How long does shipping take?

Brushes are complete when placed on the website for sale. Once your order is received, I must process all orders myself including final brush inspection, waybills and delivery to the courier depot. This process can take 2 to 4 days depending on the size of the release. Once shipped via an international courier service, the parcel usually arrives at your door within 5 to 10 business days.


Do you ship to my Country?

Black Eagle Shaving uses a courier service that can ship worldwide.


Do you offer a knotting service?

Unfortunately, I do NOT. This is something I have considered but have decided that at this stage I want to focus on building my own brand offering a complete brush. In the future this may become an option but for now I hope you can find one of the Black Eagle handles that catches your attention.


Hair loss after first use?

If your new shaving brush is shedding a couple of hairs during the first few uses, this is nothing to worry about and generally occurs with most new shaving brushes. During the process of tying and gluing badger hair knots, often a few hairs are shorter than others and as a result do not get glued in with the rest. Once the knot is complete, they go through a brushing process followed by an initial quality control hand wash. This process generally removes most of the loose hairs however some may remain in the knot. Expect to experience a few hairs shed over the initial shaves. This is NOT an indication that you have a defective knot and it will settle down after the first few uses.


How do I care for my brush?

Below is a recommendation of how to use and care for your Black Eagle Shaving brush. This can be applied to all Badger Hair shaving brushes.

Use and Care

  • Soak brush in warm water prior to every use for approximately 3 to 5 minutes. This will soften hair adequately and reduce potential hair breakages.
  • New Natural Hair Shaving brushes may have a scent which will subside during an initial wash and the first few uses.
  • There may be a few hairs that fall out over the first few uses, please see “Hair loss after first use?”
  • Clean brush monthly with a mild soapy solution.
  • Load plenty of shaving soap onto your brush using light circular motions on the soap puck.
  • Lather your face gently using minimal pressure painting strokes.
  • After each use, thoroughly wash the brush in clean warm water, lightly squeeze then shake off excess water followed by a gentle brush on a towel. Finally, hang the brush upside down in a well-ventilated area.


  • Do not expose your shaving brush to water hotter than 50°C/122°F as this can cause damage to the knot.
  • Do not store your brush in a humid environment or encase brush while wet/damp.
  • Do not use strong cleaning agents as this could cause damage to the hairs.
  • Do not use excessive pressure while lathering in a circular motion as this can cause damage to the hairs.


Black Eagle marking durability?

All Markings on the Black Eagle Shaving brushes are laser engraved. This means that the name is cut into the handle and will not rub off in a lifetime of use. Over years and years, the paint inside the writing may wear to a stage where a new coat should be applied. I feel that laser engraving offers the most permanent solution to a brush handle’s branding.


What type of knots do you offer?

I want to offer a shaving brush that I enjoy, this means that all my shaving brush knots are hand tied with two band badger hair. These knots offer soft tips and stiff shafts for a soft face feel with good backbone.  Currently I do NOT offer 3 band silvertip, synthetic or boar knots. Please see the Knot Description Page for more information.


Do you sell handles separately?

Unfortunately, I do NOT. Turning handles, engraving and finishing is an extremely time-consuming process. I like to showcase my handles with my own knots and for that reason, I will not sell the handles separately and I do NOT have plans to do so in the future.