Dimensions and numbers are thrown around in various places on this website. This page serves to give a brief understanding as to what all these values mean. Simply there are 5 dimensions of concern, Handle Height, Handle Diameter, Knot Size, Loft and Overall Height.

Handle Height: This distance is measured from the base of the handle to the top rim.

Handle Diameter: The diameter indicated is the widest point on any particular handle and the placement of this dimension may vary depending on the shape.

Knot Size: Here at Black Eagle Shaving, we consider the knot size given to be the diameter where the knot leaves the handle. This is NOT measured at the bottom of the knot buried in the handle because this often leads to inconsistencies depending on the hole size drilled.

Loft: The loft is measured from the top rim of the handle to the top of the knot. This significantly effects the face feel of a shaving brush. At Black Eagle Shaving, this is controlled within set parameters to offer slight variations in face feel without compromising the integrity of the brush. Some may wonder the effects of a glue bump however one of our goals is to offer shaving brushes with as little to no glue bump where possible.

Overall Height: This dimension is calculated by adding the loft to the handle height.