The knot is the most important part of a shaving brush, this is why Black Eagle shaving invests an enormous amount of time and effort to ensure the highest of quality knots are made.

In order to produce outstanding and consistent performance, Black Eagle Exclusive Badger hand made shaving brush knots are exclusively tied in-house. This enables control of density, loft, glue bumps and shape ensuring every knot performs exactly as expected.

With consistency at the forefront of the design and development of both the knot itself and the production process, weights and measurements are an integral part of the process.

The Exclusive Badger knots consist of imported two band badger hair that exhibits stiff shafts for good backbone with long white soft tips offering a cushion face feel.

Each knot consists of an accurately weighed bundle of hair using a laboratory grade scale.

Black Eagle Shaving Hair Weighing

Shaping of the knots requires an immense amount of technique and patience. The final result being a well-balanced and symmetrical fan shaped knot that offers the perfect amount of hair bundled together into a shaving brush knot. These knots are available in 3 different sizes, 25mm, 28mm and a colossal 32mm.

Black Eagle Shaving Tied Knots 800 Pix

The adhesive binding the hairs together is the most integral part of the process. Black Eagle tested approximately 8 different adhesives over a period of 10 months before settling on a specific one. The final result offers the most appropriate characteristics for both the manufacturing process as well as the longevity and performance of the brush.

The final step of the process requires brushing out all loose hairs that are not bound in the glue with the rest of the bundle. Although every precaution is taken to remove all traces of stray hairs, inevitably the last few will work their way out during the first few shaves.

Black Eagle Shaving Final Bloom 800Pix

After the initial 15 to 20 shaves, the knot will bloom out and soften up substantially ready to endure many years of service.