Black Eagle Shaving takes inspiration from the wildlife indigenous to Southern Africa when developing a new handle shape. With this in mind, each different style is given the relevant animal name.

Although each and every handle is meticulously turned, it is important to note that old school techniques are adopted using a wood lathe and chisels. This means that no single handle is identical to the next and slight variations will occur. Dimensions given below are an indication only and may vary by a few millimetres.


An African Buffalo is a creature of immense power boasting two massive horns. These horns were the inspiration for the double ring on this handle creating an extremely ergonomic and comfortable design.

Buffalo South Luangwa by Bradley Rautenbach

Black Eagle Shaving Buffalo Size 800 x 533 Pix


The fastest animal on the planet, the cheetah has a long slender body ideal for running speeds of up to about 120 km/h (75 m/h). Due to the slim proportions of a Cheetah, this handle is one of the tallest Black Eagle styles. As a result, it is ideal for those who have larger hands or prefer to face lather.

Cheetah 800 x 500 Pix

Black Eagle Shaving Cheetah Size 800 x 533 Pix


The Eland is the largest African antelope that can reach an incredible weight of approximately 900kg (1985lb). The bold lines of the Eland are portrayed in this handle giving a bulky chubby style handle ideal for people with large hands.

Eland 800 x 533 Pix

Black Eagle Shaving Eland Size 800 x 533 Pix


The Elephant is one of Africa’s largest and most magnificent mammals that deserves the utmost respect. The Elephant geometry exaggerates the huge head to body ratio with a rim representing the ears and is best suited for an avid face latherer.

Elephant Thornybush 2019 by Bradley Rautenbach 800 x 533 Pix

Black Eagle Shaving Elephant Size 800 x 533 Pix


The African Leopard is outright the most stunning animal in the African bush. It is a nocturnal predator that hunts independently. The Leopard shape is designed to be sleek, attractive and stealthy, honouring this beautiful cat.

Leopard Thornybush 2019 by Bradley Rautenbach 800 x 533 Pix

Black Eagle Shaving Leopard Size 800 x 533 Pix


Lions are the biggest of the African Cats and the females dominate the hunting. The lion shaving brush handle is the most timeless and classic look with a shape portraying the big head and mane of a male lion.

Lion Eating South Luangwa 2019 800 x 533 Pix

Black Eagle Lion Size 800 x 500 Pix


Although the Pangolin isn’t known by most, it is sadly endangered due to the high black-market demand. It is believed that the keratin scales have medicinal uses while the meat is considered a delicacy. The initial prototype for the Pangolin style just did not look good but felt great in the hand. With the smooth lines in mind, the Pangolin handle was developed further creating a visually attractive brush that offers an extremely comfortable grip.

Black Eagle Shaving Pangolin Size 800 x 533 Pix


This handle style consists of two sharp rings echoing the double horns on a rhinoceros. Southern Africa is home to two of the extant species, the ‘Black’ and the ‘White’ Rhino, both of which are endangered due to the high poaching rates for the Keratin horns. These animals are now under various protection programs to try prevent a further decline in the population.

Rhino by Bradley Rautenbach 2020 Thornybush

Black Eagle Shaving Rhino Size 800 x 533 Pix


A member of the wild pig family, the warthog is a small stocky animal. Considering this, the warthog handles were styled around a stubby shape ideal for face lathering. While the 25mm Warthog is the smallest of all the Black Eagle handles, the 28mm version feels great in the hand.

Warthog by Bradley Rautenbach Thornybush 2020

Black Eagle Shaving Warthog Shape Size 800 x 533 Pix